Overland Outfitters is looking for a new Automotive Technician! If you want to join a fun, energetic, and passionate group of people, helping customers build out awesome Toyota vehicles, then this might be the opportunity for you! We are looking to add an experienced Red Seal Tech to our team. 

The role will include:

  • Installing aftermarket accessories on Toyota off-road vehicles (bumpers, lighting, electrical work, roof racks, etc)
  • Re-gearing differentials and installing lockers
  • Installing full suspension kits from bolt on to custom suspension geometry, relocations, etc
  • Basic vehicle maintenance (brakes, wheel bearings, u-joints, etc)
  • Mounting/Balancing tires

Helpful Experience:

  • Welding/fabrication experience
  • Time on a grinder
  • Knowledge about how off-road suspension and geometry works
  • Experience with Toyota's specifically, especially the Tacoma, 4Runner and Tundra platforms
  • Shock rebuilding

What we are looking for:

  • We are a super tight knit family here, so we want somebody who can fit right in and gel with our current team.
  • Experience! If you know Toyota’s, and how things work off-road and out camping, that will be a major asset. 
  • Ability to problem solve. A lot of the parts we install are aftermarket, and not all of them work together perfectly, so getting creative and making modifications is a daily occurrence.
  • A great attitude. We are all learning. There is no room for big ego’s in our shop!
  • Willingness to learn. We have certain ways of doing things so that each vehicle leaves our shop to our high standard of quality.
  • Dirty hands. We all pitch in when we have to, whether that’s a big shipment of pallets arriving, or washing the bathroom, we all work together to make sure that the shop is a nice place to be, and that the jobs nobody really wants to do get done. 
  • Lots of initiative. We don't want to micro-manage you. There's always something to do, so self-motivation and initiative will go a long way.
  • Technicians are expected to provide their own tools. 

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter to braeden@overlandoutfitters.ca. We will only be contacting those who are chosen for an interview, but we do appreciate anybody who decides to throw their hat in the ring! Any job applications sent to our instagram or facebook will be ignored. 

Thanks for your interest, and hope to hear from you soon!

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