Why rent a rooftop tent?

That's a good question. There are a few pros to renting over buying that might make you consider it as an option! Not all of these reasons will apply to everybody, we'll be the first to admit that. But we believe that there are a lot of positives to hiring a RTT. [If you're looking at this wall of text and thinking "no way am I reading that!", scroll to the bottom for the cheat sheet.]

You only get out once or twice a year

First off, if you're only going to be heading out on one or two excursions a year, a rooftop tent rental might be your best bet. RTT's can be expensive to buy outright, and it's hard to drop that kind of dough on only a couple weeks a year.

If you're realistic about how many times you will get out in a year, you might come to realize that renting is a smarter move; especially when you buy a tent, and the next year life gets busy and you can't use it at all!

You don't have storage space

We can't speak to the entire world, but here in Vancouver, it's easy to see why renting your camping equipment is enticing. With houses currently averaging 1.8 million dollars, most of us are having to rent an apartment or basement suite.

Not a lot of storage space for a RTT in either of those... You could leave your rooftop tent on your vehicle all the time, but it's certainly not ideal. With a rental, there's no need to worry about how to fit your new tent under your bed or behind the couch!

Still testing if it's for you

What if you've been on the fence about buying a rooftop tent? You can't quite decide whether the benefits of a RTT we listed earlier are worth the cost? Renting can ease you in.

We're sure you'll love it, but don't take our word for it! Try one out for yourself, without breaking the bank! If you do find that you love it (you will), then we will be here with a slight "I told you so" and a brand new RTT for you to take home!

Just on a few-weeks trip

Now let's say you've just landed at YVR... You've come in from Australia or the UK... somewhere far away (or even not so far away!). You've picked up your rental car or SUV, with this awesome map laid out with all of the sweet spots you plan on hitting up in your month on the road exploring what the region has to offer.

Obviously, after storing your luggage, food, camping equipment, etc, there's no way you'll be sleeping in the back! Staying in hotels is ludicrously expensive, and sleeping tent-less under the stars, as romantic as it seems, is oh-so far fetched, a rooftop tent is honestly the best option.

However, dealing with buying one, using it, then selling it quickly before your plane takes off towards your next incredible adventure is so hard. A rental eases you of the burden of trying your hand with the crazies and no-shows we've all had to deal with through Craigslist.

We're willing to bet it ends up cheaper as well!

Your significant other doesn't like sleeping on the ground

Okay. So you've read through all of that and are thinking, "I love camping! I head out every weekend. There's lots of storage for my ground tent in the cupboard next to the plates!" That's awesome!

But does your spouse/significant other feel the same way? We can't tell you how many times we've heard about the spouse that never has a good sleep on the ground, or is always too cold, or is the only person to ever dislike nature... Well, renting a rooftop tent is a super cool way to convince your spouse that camping is a great time! Or at least make it bearable enough that they will come with you "just this once"!

Here are the Cliff's notes:

  • Only get out once or twice a year
  • Don't have the storage space for a RTT
  • Not sure about the whole idea yet
  • Just on a few-weeks trip and don't want to deal with craigslist crazies
  • Significant other doesn't like sleeping on the ground

If anything on that list resonates with you, we'd encourage you to hit us up about renting a rooftop tent for your next adventure!

Happy exploring!

Overland Outfitters

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Are you currently renting RTT’s? I don’t see them listed on your rental page. I am interested in purchase, but trying one out for a weekend also appeals

Drew Jarvis

Hello Braeden,

We would like to rent a roof top tent from June 25 returning on June 29th.

We have a Jeep Wrangler with a Gobi roof rack. Is there anything else we would need?

Would you please provide a rental quote.

Thank you,

Ray Fu