If you didn't know this already, Overland Outfitters is much more than a place to stock up on the gear you need for your next adventure. We offer many services outside of retail and rentals to get your vehicle equipped to go as far and as hard as you do. 

We pride ourselves on taking the time to work with you and make sure that we can build your vehicle according to your specific, personal needs. No two people use their vehicle the same way, or have the same preferences! We go the extra distance to make sure we build something that is useful to YOU. We can make product recommendations and customized suggestions based on our wide range of experience to dial in how you want your vehicle set up.  Contact us today and get the wheels turning! 

Vehicle Modifications

We offer a variety of services to get your vehicle equipped for the great unknown. We are passionate about building quality, capable rigs to push boundaries! To get you expedition ready, here are a few of the things we can do:

•  Suspension  •  Electrical  •  Lighting  •  Armour  •  Roof Racks  •  Recovery  •

Metal Fabrication

If you need any custom fabrication work done, we can do that! We build our own custom bed racks, sliders, brackets, mounts, or anything else you might need! Hit us up if you want something done right. We have an extremely talented in-house welder/fabricator (he builds aerospace tech full-time) working as O2 Fabrication, ready to get your dreams built into a real product! 


Always dreamed of having a custom platform with drawers in the back of your truck or SUV? How about a full #vanlife build? We can get that done for you! From simple to complex, we can make it happen. Nothing bolted on straight from the box here! We custom build our projects to your specific needs. 

Brand Names

Here is just a small selection of the different brands that we have access to. If you don't see the name you're looking for, we can probably still get it in for you. Get in touch with us, and we can start working on a plan that fits you! 



Cali Raised LED