Matchstick Coffee Catalogue 3/4lb

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There's no messing around (for Jenna) when it comes to coffee.  That's why we chose to sell the best, locally roasted coffee in the Lower Mainland - Matchstick Coffee.  


When prepared as an espresso, Catalogue coffee has a very clear flavour, and a clean finish. When prepared as a drip or filter coffee, it is very sweet and full-bodied, with a balanced acidity. Whenever Matchstick changes the coffee component, they 'Catalogue' the change with a new number designation.

Producer: Farouth Ceballos
Process: Washed / Patio Sun-Dried
Location: La Plata / Huila
Region: Monseratte / Colombia
Elevation: ~1700 masl
Importer: Atlas

Tasting Notes:
Cane Sugar, Apple, Cherry Blossom