Matchstick Coffee The Bulldog 3/4lb

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There's no messing around (for Jenna) when it comes to coffee.  That's why we chose to sell the best, locally roasted coffee in the Lower Mainland - Matchstick Coffee.  

The Bulldog:

The Bulldog is roasted longer than any of Matchsticks' other coffees in order to mellow the acidity and produce a cup with very full body, and a deep, resonant flavour. Whenever Matchstick changes the coffee component, they indicate the change with a new number designation.

Producer: Mauricio Escalon
Varities: Bourbon
Process: Honey / Patio Sun-Dried 
Region: Ataco / Ahuachapan, El Salvador
Elevation: 1,450 masl
Importer: Caravela

Tasting Notes:
Cacao Nibs, Stewed Black Cherries, Demerara Sugar