Tepui Autana XL + Annex Rental (4 Person)

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The massive Autana XL is Tepui's largest roof top tent. It comes with two built-in screened sky panels which allow for a great view of the stars and surrounding trees when the rainfly is removed.

The Autana XL is a four-person roof top tent with a 6ft x 8ft sleeping area. Perfect for the whole family!    

This tent also comes with the additional annex, which provides you with an enclosed area to change in, keep your dog and extra family members in, or just be out of the elements. Easily setup, the annex adds a lot of convenience to your camp!

In the words of one of our renters, this tent is "far superior" to the three person roof top tent!


Size (Closed) 72″ x 48″ x 12″ (WxLxH)
Size (Open) 72″ x 122″ x 52″ (WxLxH)
Sleeping Footprint 72″ x 96″ (WxL)
Weight (w/ annex) 150 lbs (180 lbs)