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So you've heard of certain other traction board brands, or even owned them, and realized that they are an expensive piece of bumpy plastic that melts after being used as few as 1 time...

Well here's some good news for you: There is something better! 

Tred 4x4 has been making recovery traction boards since 2012, and recently came out with the revolutionary Tred PRO. The Tred Pro solves a lot of the problems found with other brands using patented EXOTRED dual-composite technology.

Basically, instead of making the entire board out of one material that has to compromise between being flexible, as well as rigid enough to withstand abuse and heat, the Tred Pro is made with 2 separate compounds! The traction knobs are made with a hard and heat resistant material that will not melt, even with excessive tire spin! The main board is made of a more pliable material that will conform to the ground without breaking, offering maximum traction. 

Plus, LIFETIME WARRANTY! Leashes also included!

Single Unit Dimensions - Length: 1160 mm (45.67 inches) Width: 330 mm (12.99 inches)Height: 65 mm (2.56 inches).
Nested/stacked height (one set/pair): 85 mm (3.35 inches).

In case you want to know more, here's some info straight from Tred 4x4:


EXOTRED™ - Patented Dual Composite Construction For Ultimate Durability

TRED Pro’s unique and patented composite construction, ensures that in the unlikely event that your wheels spin during a recovery, the ramp/teeth will not suffer instant catastrophic damage as has been experienced with other leading recovery ramp products. Due to the special polyolefin material blend TRED Pro's can handle high levels of flex, are highly durable and wear resistant. The mix of elasticity and tough rigid design in the main body means that your TRED Pro’s maintain a high level of pressure on your tyre to provide ultimate traction whilst still being able to take the flex of being under vehicle weight on unstable ground.

All Terrain – 4 Seasons

TRED Pro has gone one step further than our original TRED product to ensure both the products design and material is optimised for use across a variety of terrains and seasons. Our customers work and play in some of the harshest environments on earth and TRED Pro is designed to be there when you need it most. Sand, Mud and Snow all provide for some great fun but also offer some tricky and sometimes hazardous driving situations and TRED Pro is designed to work across all of them.


SIPE-LOCK™ – Patented Grip Profile For Ultimate Traction

The new TRED Pro features a unique patented grip profile, specifically engineered to engage with the one common denominator in most tires, the water evacuation channels on the outer edges, known in the tire industry as sipes, we call it SIPE-LOCK™. By using advanced technologies such as 3D scanning and CAD modelling we inspected hundreds of the biggest brand tires around the world to optimise the TRED Pro design. This feature makes TRED Pro the ultimate in traction for recovery devices. By creating a database of the worlds biggest selling off road tires we were able to use real data, dimensions and tread patterns to optimize our design more so than any other recovery device of this type in history.


TRED Pro Will Fit To Your Existing Mounting Brackets

We have designed the new TRED Pro with the same mounting points as the previous models allowing it to retrofit to your existing TRED 800 and TRED 1100 mounting brackets as well as including an updated set of mounting points to suit the new TRED Pro mounting bracket and other major brands such as MAXTRAX and other recovery ramp mounting products. Your new TRED Pro’s will simply slide onto your existing mounting brackets or bolts with no adjustment required – upgrading to your new TRED Pro’s is that easy.


Improved Shovel & Handles + New Contour Ramp

Integrated design features enhanced ergonomics and provides maximum grip, comfort and control to clear debris & obstructions for optimum TRED placement prior to recovery. The new contour ramp has been engineered specifically to hug the tyre for optimum tire traction and vehicle recovery in all conditions.


Lower Profile - Better Stacking TRED Pro’s have been designed with a lower profile and tighter nesting to save valuable storage space. This also allows for shorter mounting kit pins due to reduced stack height, meaning less equipment protruding from your vehicle.

Lifetime Warranty - The only off road vehicle recovery device with a Lifetime Warranty!

Australian Made - Proudly Australian made, owned and operated by 4WD enthusiasts.