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To us, travelling overland is more than starting at A and arriving at B. It is a lifestyle rather than a method of travel. The belief that the journey is more important than the destination is at the heart of overlanding, and without seizing the opportunities that adventure throws at us, we miss something glorious.

Having a vehicle that is outfitted for adventure is what enables us to travel the road less maintained, to find those rugged landscapes and incredible vistas, all without sacrificing the ability to cook a 3 course meal or sleep comfortably at night. From the family one-nighter to the soloist travelling across the continent, we want to be a part of your journey, discovering just how many incredible memories can be made between here and there.

Located in beautiful British Columbia, where the mountains are tall, the rivers are strong, and the forests are dense, Overland Outfitters is here to provide awesome gear, parts, and service with a smile. 

Braeden Hitchcock

Braeden is a co-founder of Overland Outfitters with his wife Jenna. He grew up on Haida Gwaii, in northern BC, where if you can't do it yourself, it won't get done. He is passionate about mountain biking, camping, off-roading, and generally being outside on some sort of adventure.

Braeden brings his wide variety of experience to the table, from overall vision, to wrenching in the shop. He drives a 2006 Toyota Tacoma that he has spent way too much time and money modifying over and over again. At least you can be sure he has done his research and can give solid recommendations based on first hand experience. He is way more concerned about getting his customers set up right, than making a sale.

Jenna Hitchcock

Jenna is the other half of the founding members. She is the one that people come to when they want a friendly, knowledgeable face to help them out, with her bubbly personality and never ceasing smile. She has lots of travel experience, having lived in New Zealand for a year, and travelling off-road with Braeden, literally since their honey-moon.

Jenna will stop at nothing to make sure every customer has a great experience. It's just who she is, she cannot be happy until you are. She brings a huge amount of personality, cheerfulness, and business experience with her Business Diploma to the Overland Outfitters team.

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