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Frequently Asked Fridays - Aluminum vs Steel
Today I wanted to talk about the pros and cons of steel vs aluminum armour. First up I figured we could just talk about the general benefits and deficits of Aluminum and steel. Has Aluminum worked well for you? Or is steel the way to go?
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O2 2022 Black Friday Sale
The news you’ve all been waiting for/asking about! Our one and only sale of the year! This Friday and Saturday, save big on all orders over $1,000. Applicable both in-store and online, on all the products we sell. Spend $1,000...
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Mods Not to Waste Money On
There are a lot of products out there that are not necessary, or don’t work very good. I figured I might as well make this video in an effort to save you some money to spend on other things that will actually help you go further. 
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