We know exactly what it's like when you have big plans for your 4x4, but also have responsibilities; Rent, bills, payments, insurance, not to mention gas! We want to make it easier for you to take care of your responsibilities, while also driving the 4x4 of your dreams!



We now offer a few different financing options through FinanceIt. Whatever suits you best! 

  • 0% Financing with 12 equal monthly payments on purchases over $4000
  • Defer your payment for 3 months with 0% interest on purchases over $2500
  • Spread your purchase over up to 60 months with competitive interest rates 

Apply for pre-approval for up to $10 000 through FinanceIt in under 5 minutes here: 


(Once you are pre-approved, please contact us with what you are looking for, or come and see us in store!)

 Or see what your purchase payments could look like here: 


 All loans are open, meaning you can make extra payments or pay everything off fully any time, with no penalties or fees. 

For more information, please contact the FinanceIt team at 1.888.536.3025

*Financing is not available on sale items or special offers. Financing is available in-store only. All Financed sales are final.