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The Road to Haida Gwaii
As some of you know, we went on a road trip last September to head back to wear I (Braeden) grew up; Haida Gwaii.  Our amazing friends, Ollie and Hailey put together an awesome video about the trip, and Tepui...
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Are We Crazy?! The Short History of Overland Outfitters
We ask ourselves almost every day whether we are crazy for starting Overland Outfitters or not. Usually we decide that we are, in fact, very crazy. It's been a wild ride from the idea's conception until now; but as we come up on our 1 year birthday, it's fun to look back and remember why we started. 
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Top 10 Self-Recovery Tools for the Adventurous

Being adventurous is easy. Getting stuck is also easy. It's when those two things have combined, and you find yourself deep in the backwoods, with no reception, no other vehicles on their way, and a gloriously stuck vehicle, that things get interesting. 

Having the tool for the job, and the knowledge of how to use it is a powerful combo. 

Check out our top 10 list of self-recovery tools for when you're stuck and all alone! 

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Spring Kick-Off Party
It's Spring time!!! That means it is time to break out the BBQ, get out camping, and get geared up for the season! We are hosting a Spring Kick-Off Party, grilling up some burgers, and giving away a bunch of insane...
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Escape the Gloom
Here in Vancouver, BC, January tends to be the most depressing month of the year, with studies showing the 24th to be the most depressing day of the year. The sun shows up late in the day, and leaves early....
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